Application of kinesio taping for treatment of sports injuries

Zajt-Kwiatkowska J, Rajkowska-Labon E, Skrobot W, Bakula S, Szamotulska J

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Injuries and straining of the motor system as a result of professional or re- creational sports activity constitute an important problem for both the suf- ferer and medical personnel involved in treatment. The most common inju- ries involve traumas of joints and muscles as well as straining of the motor system. Modern competitive sports force the sportsmen and sportswomen who were injured to return to the contest arena as quickly as possible. 

Material and methods
The aim of this article is the presentation of the method enhancing the therapy applied in sports medicine and known as Kinesio Taping®. This treatment method using cotton tapes of large elasticity (Kinesio Tex®) is used for the injuries of the upper and lower limbs as well as strains of the motor system. The method suggested by Dr Kenzo Kase, enhancing the rehabilitation process regulates blood and lymph circulation and decre- ases their concentration in the region of tissues deformed as a result of an injury or straining.This paper presents application Kinesio Text® for treatment in ankle sprain, epicondylalgia of brachial biceps muscle, in- flammatory condition of long head of brachial biceps muscle, syndrome of tightness of the tibia front and lateral fascial compartment and inflam- mation of the plantar aponeurosis.

Clinical observations after the application of KT® have indicated that in all injured persons pain decreased and visible oedema resorption occur- red. Tapes were well tolerated and no allergic reactions were observed. 

The results from published papers confirm the author's observations that the application of KT® tapes: 1. reduces the levels of pain suffered, 2. in- creases the functional capabilities of the patient, 3. constitutes a good method supplementing a regular physiotherapeutic treatment.



Medsportpress 2007;vol 13(1):130-4