Immediate effects of kinesio taping on fixed postural alignment and foot balance in stroke patients

Yang SR, Heo SY, Lee HJ

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The main aim of this study was to identify the short-term effects of Kinesio taping (KT) on the static body alignment and overall balance function presented by the coordinate and foot balance in stroke patients.

Subjects and Methods
Thirty-eight stroke subjects were randomly allocated into the study groups. The kinematic analysis measured deviation or changes from standard body alignment and foot pressure by the human anatomy-based coordinates were examined using the Shisei Innovation System PA200 ver.9.0.

The glabellas on the front view, larynx on the front view, rt. greater tubercle of the humerus (vertical changes), lt. greater tubercle of the humerus (vertical changes), posterior superior iliac spine, and greater trochanter (horizontal changes) showed statistically significant decreases, indicating dislocation from the axis center, after taping.

The clinical use of KT for stroke patients who have asymmetrical and imbalanced body posture could be an optimal therapeutic approach. Since more evidence based practices are needed, future studies should include large numbers of subjects and examine diverse KT application patterns.



J. Phys. Ther. Sci. 27: 3537-3540