Tapingbase consists of a group enthousiastic professionals, who want to stimulate the use of the tape as well as to look for a substantiation for it. To support the development of the tape and the underlying concept, is it important to exchange and to bundle knowledge about this.

An important pillar in the site is the systematic way of displaying the literature known about this area in a so-called “knowledgebase”. The literature list is accessible for everyone. We judge each article to get an indication how we should place the outcome and in what context we should see the investigation.

By means of  e-learning is information given to subscribers about the basis techniques of taping and about more specialised applications. There is a video database available for subscribers, by which it is possible to consult all the tape applications online. This video database is also used in the e-learning courses. The information given on this site can be excellently used as an online reference database.


The team of Tapingbase is in good contact with the working field and with several institutes for employees in health care. Together we are working on an investigation to get more evidence about taping itself and the effects of taping.
You too can participate in this by being actively present in the forum or by following them.


In a nutshell, Tapingbase offers:


• een kennisbank

• A knowledgebase
• Vocationally oriented forums
• Knowledge and linked information
• Courses / e-learning
• Video database
• Investigation


If you want to take part in this, you can subscribe  on this site or you can contact us.
Tapingbase team