Effect of Kinesio taping on gastrocnemius activity and ankle range of movement during gait in healthy adults

Martinez-Gramage J.

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To examine the effect of KT on gastrocnemius surface electromyography (SEMG) activity and ankle range of motion during walking in healthy subjects.

Randomized controlled trial, with concealed allocation and assessor blinding.

University Biomechanics Laboratory.

Thirty six healthy physiotherapy students were randomized to KT or control group.

Outcome Measures
At baseline and immediately after 72 h with the tape in situ: amplitude of LG SEMG activity during the stance phase, duration of the LG activity, onset and offset times of LG activity, ankle plantar- and dorsiflexion peaks, and the cadence of gait.

ANOVA revealed a significant time × intervention interaction effect across two variables: duration of LG activation, F(1, 33) = 4.71, p = .037, η = .015; and onset F(1, 33) = 7.92, p = .008, η = .037. KT group showed significantly shorter duration of the LG activity as compared with control, and similar results were observed when comparing the onset of LG activation. No statistically significant differences between both groups were noted in the rest of the outcomes.

KT does significantly shorten the duration of the LG activity during gait when applied 72 h in healthy adults. However, this result was not accompanied by a significant reduction in the amplitude of LG SEMG activity.



Physical therapy in sport, Volume 18: 56-61