Tapingbase & research


The rapid development and expansion of the use of the so-called “elastic tape” in sports and physical therapy has drawn attention to scientists. The medical and increasingly the paramedical sciences are commanding to act “evidence based”.


By virtue of the expertise and research-experiences of tapingbase are scientific institutes, universities and universities of applied sciences looking for ways to co-operate with tapingbase. Thus co-operates and participates tapingbase in different researches by the universities of Brussels, Groningen, Münster and Oldenburg at this moment.
Besides that is there at tapingbase also the opportunity to do a research assignment such as a bachelor or masterthesis. Hence is tapingbase co-operating with the universities of applied sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen, Breda and Amsterdam.
Tapingbase has set to be its goal to confirm the practical experiences of tape-intervention and attempts to develop models of possible modes of action of tape-intervention.




    Universiteit medisch centrum Groningen (NL)


Universiteit Oldenburg (Dld)
Universiteit Münster (Dld)

Universiteit Brussel (Be)



Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen (NL)



Hogeschool Breda (NL)
  Hogeschool Amsterdam (NL)