Balance Taping Therapy for Osteoarthritis of Knee. Is the balance taping therapy truly effective?

Jeong Hun Lee; P.T. Ggang Sik Kim, M.D. In Sung Clinic, kanghwa, In-chon,

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case series
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The aim of this study was certify the effects of balance taping therapy.

The subjects for this study were 10 patients, 9 females and of 1 male, ranging from the age of 53 to 83. The test was performed at In sung Clinic from January, 1999 to July, 1999. These ten subhjects with osteoarthritis of knee joint were selected by physician's referral. To avoid of other clinical factors, they were selected according to the following criteria :
1) Subjects are those who have not received any satisfying effect in spite of a long-term treatment.
2) taping therapy. For the survey, pre-treatment was compared with the subjective feeling of the patients.

The taping therapy showed good results in most cases. Generally, osteoarthritis is chronic, irreversible, and medically poor-response disease. But we experienced good results of during the taping therapy on this osteoarthritis patients. As medication is the first step of every treatment, balance taping therapy is assumed to be also in use as one of the most basic treatment, because it is inexpensive, easy to apply, non-invasive and free harmful side effects. we have revealed that the effect of Balance Taping Therapy can control the pain and treat the patient who lost their muscle balance.