Bibliographic review of the effectiveness of kinesiotaping

L. Espejo, M. D. Apolo

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The aim of this paper is to review the effects achieved by the kinesiotaping(KT) in scientific studies published in the last decade and their methodological quality.

Search strategy:
An exhaustive search inthe main scientific databases using keywords such as KinesioTaping, Kinesiotape, Kinesiotaping, Musculoskeletaltape, tapingmedicalconcept,  athletic tape was carried out.Citations of selected articles and scientific papers published on the website of the Spanish Association of Neuromuscular Bandage were analyzed.

Inclusion criteria:
Experimental, quasi-experimental, clinical trials or case studies published between 2000-2010, in which the main objective was to analyze the effect of KT, and provide conclusive results, were used.

Of the84 articles analyzed, 37scientific articles have met the inclusion criteria. There are studies that examine the effect of KT on pain, flexibility and joint mobility, inproprioception, strength, on the venous and lymphatic circulation, on the improvement of capacity, and neurological benefits.

The KT can be a complementary technique that empirically provides benefits. However, better methodological quality studies demonstrating the effects attributed to him are still needed.



Rehabilitacion (Madr). 2011