Effects of kinesio taping on pain and function in patients with Fibromyalgia syndrome

Volga Bayrakci, Emre Serdar Vayvay, Gul Baltaci

Literatuur type: 
case series
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Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) os a form of non-articulr rheumatism characterized by long term (>3 months) and widespread musculosekeletal pain, morning stiffnes, and pressure hyperalgesia at characteristics sites, called soft tissue tender points. It is often associated with symtpoms like pain, reduced muskle strength, fatigue, sleep disturbance and psychological disturbances (e.g. depression)

The Purpose of this study was to investigate the efffect of kinesio taping and pain function in fibromyalgia syndrome.

45 subjects diagnosed with FMS randomly allocated in 3 groups in this study.
Laser and exercise program applied to the first group, placebo laser and exercise program applied to the second group and Kinesio Taping, placebo laser and exercise program apllied to the third group.

According to the statistical analysis, significant differences were found at rest and night pain in group 2 and 3, significant difference was found in group 1 in activity pain. In FIQ significant differences were found in all groups after the treatment. In Beck depressions scale significant differences were found in group 1 and 3.

As a result, Kinesio Taping and exercise program improved pain and function, and decreased depression level in patients with FMS and can be recommended as an alternative method of treatment in fibromyalgia.