Effects of taping technique applied to muscles causing pain on cervical movement and pain

Jung-hyuk Bae, Nan-hee Yang, Yong-known kim

Literatuur type: 
case study
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Pain is the most commonsymptom that brings a patient to the hostpital Repetious stress and sprain injury restult in various pains, and so wie tried to improve cevical movement an release from pain by using taping technique of acutal agonist and postural muscles in addition to psychological relaxation.

The 4 patient with neck problems were appied Arikawa taping approaches. The flexor or extensor patterns were similar, the taping was attached same point. After taping on major muscles of causing neck pain-levator scapula, Scalenus medius, sternocleidomastoid, splenius capitis, semispinalis capitis.

We found neck pian  released and cervical ROM increased. In conclusion, we determind cervical movement related to roation of splenius capitis, extention of semi-spinalis captits, levator scapular, flexion and rotation of scalenus medius.