A Regional Interdependent Approach For The Treatment Of Symptoms For An Adult Female Long Distance Runner With Patellar-Femoral Pain Syndrome

Justin Lin

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case study
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In recent years, regional interdependence has come to the forefront of physical therapy.It has been a method of evaluating structures distal or proximal to an injured area.

The purpose of this casereport was to demonstrate a regional interdependent evaluation and treatment approach for a patient with patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) that was efficient and effective.

Case Description:
A 26 year old female marathoner presented with a diagnosis of PFPS. A regional interdependent approach, focused on her hip, knee, and ankle, consisted of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and taping was implemented over 7 weeks. The patient’s goal was to run in a marathon within 5 weeks. She attended physical therapy 2x a week for the first 5 weeks. She came for one visit per week on week 6 and 7, for a total of 12 visits.

At discharge, the patient made improvements in pain scores, strength, and range of motion. She met her physical therapy goal and was able to complete the marathon. The patient was able to improve her function and activities of daily living after her physical therapy session.

This case report demonstrated outcomes in support for a regional interdependent evaluation and treatment of PFPS. A basic regional interdependent guideline was developed from th is case report, but there should be further investigation for the validity and reliability of specific treatment guidelines for the patellofemoral joint or other joints.


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