Safety and tolerability of Kinesio® Taping in patients with arm lymphedema

Martins JC, Aguiar SS, Fabro EAN, Costa RM, Lemos TV, de Sa VGG, de Abreu RM, de Andrade MFC, Thuler LCS, Bergmann A

Literatuur type: 
case series
Publicatie jaar: 


The aim of this study is to assess the safety and tolerability of Kinesio® Taping (KT) in patients with arm lymphedema.

Medical device clinical study in women with arm lymphedema. Kinesio® Tex Gold bandage was applied by the KT technique. Assessments and interviews were carried out both at the beginning and 4 days after intervention. Skin disorders, reported tolerance and modification of limb volume and function after intervention were assessed. Changes in limb volume and functionality before and after intervention were compared by the Student’s t test and the Wilcoxon Signed- Rank test, considering significant p value <0.05.

Twenty-four women were studied. After intervention, no patient had cutaneous lesions, vesicle or limb hyperthermia, and 4.2 % presented skin peeling and redness. Most patients reported no change in social life and that they felt safer in the daily activity and were very pleased with the treatment. The patients presented improvement of upper limb functionality after intervention (p<0.001). No difference of limb volume was found after intervention (p=0.639).

Kinesio® Tex Gold bandage by the KT technique proved to be safe and tolerable in patients with lymphedema, with improved functionality and no change of the affected limb volume.



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