The effect of muscle fascilitation using Kinesio Taping on walking and blance of stroke patients

Kim WL, Choi YK, Lee JH, Park YH

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the changes in function and balance after Kinesio Taping application in stroke patients.

Subjects and Methods
Thirty subjects were randomly divided into an experimental group and control group. The experimental group was applied taping before therapeutic exercise, and the control group received only therapeutic exercise. Functional gait was measured using the straight line walking test, and dynamic balance ability was measured using the Berg Balance Scale. Walking velocity was measured with the 10 m walking test.

There were statistically significant differences between the results of the straight line walking and 10 m walking tests in the pre-post analysis for the experimental group. There were a statistically significant difference in the Berg Balance Scale and 10 m walking test between the two groups.

Application of taping to the paralyzed parts of a stroke patient has a positive effect on improvement of typical asymmetric gait and walking speed.



J. Phys. Ther. Sci. 26: 1831-1834