The mechanical effect of kinesiology tape rounded shoulder posture in seated male workers

Han JT, Lee JH, Yoon CH

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To examine the changes in pectoralis minor length (PML), the supine measurement of rounded shoulder posture (RSP), and the total scapular distance (TSD) in seated male workers with RSP, after rounded-shoulder-taping (RST) using kinesiology tape with (experimental taping) and without stretch (placebo taping). Background: RSP, a postural impairment, is a known cause of upper quarter pain.

Fourteen men with RSP, who worked for at least 7 h/d in a seated position, were selected for RST, with the shoulders randomly assigned to two kinesiology taping methods: (1) with 35–40% stretch of its original length; and (2) without stretch. The PML, supine measurements of RSP, and TSD, before and after kinesiology taping, with and without stretch, were assessed.

Kinesiology taping with stretch significantly increased the PML and significantly decreased the supine measurement of RSP and TSD; kinesiology taping without stretch did not increase the PML significantly and did not decrease the supine measurement of RSP and TSD.

RST using kinesiology tape with stretch produces immediate mechanical correction of RSP in seated male workers.



Physiother Theory Pract. 2015 31(2): 120-125